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BinaryFX is a music loving, Information technology professional, and family man living in Memphis, TennesseeUSA. He reads, listens to, and sees lots of stuff on a daily basis. This blog is an attempt to add insights and wisdom (when possible) to these items, and present it for discussion. The author in no way believes he is an authority on any of the topics that may be discussed on this site and welcomes any and all comments and suggestions. You may also find information about music and DJ mixes created by Mr. BinaryFX from time to time. Please be kind with your comments as your IP address will be logged and we know how to find you. 😉

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san·i·ty \’sa-nə-tē\


  1. the quality or state of being sane ; especially : soundness orhealth of mind

sane \’sān\


  1. proceeding from a sound mind : rational
  2. mentally sound ; especially : able to anticipate and appraise the effectof one’s actions
  3. healthy in body

in·sane \ in-sān\


  1. mentally disordered: exhibiting insanity
  2. used by, typical of, or intended for insane persons <an insane asylum>
  3. absurd <an insane scheme for making money>
  4. extreme 1

From Merriam-Websters Online Dictionary

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